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David Bates, Gill Bates and Lorraine Bates design and manufacture a range of giftware which you can find in selected galleries and retailers, or buy online here:




Lorraine Bates is also an accomplished ceramic artist, and examples of her work and contact details can be found here:





Brian Murray's office and contract furniture company, Boss Design, can be contacted here:




Hilary Birkbeck is an interior designer based in Warwickshire, and you can find out more here:





Peter Donnelly, the photographer and creator of the catalogue we have featured here, died in 1996. His son Simon is also a photographer and you can check out his website here:



The Pieff name currently belongs to P.F.Collections Limited of Long Eaton, Nottingham.  You can check out their products and contact them here:



There are many retro and vintage furniture retailers which specialise in design from this era, and one which regularly stocks Pieff furtniture is Made Good, based in Huddersfield.  You can check out their website here:



Another specialist retailer which often has Pieff pieces is  Design Twenty, based in Bedford.




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