Eleganza II


Kadia II



Lisse II



Pieff Alpha Suite in cream leather and chrome

Alpha Chairs


Highbacked Alpha. Lavish Alpha.


Chairs in hide, wool fabric or velvet made for lounging in.


Made for one. Made for two. Made for three.


Alpha keeps everyone happy.

Pieff Edel tables in rosewood and marble with cylindrical chrome legs

Edel Tables


Classically simple.


Pure white Sicilian marble. Delicate coral-tinted Travatine marble.


Or if you prefer, specially selected polished rosewood.


Whichever you choose, Edel makes an honourable addition to your surroundings.

Pieff Eleganza bar stools in dark brwon leather and chrome and smoked glass table



Slim stools of chromed steel with a dash of leather, wool fabric or suede.


Add to this slender tinted glass in just the right proportions and there you have the cool, sophisticated Eleganza bar group.





A collection of peace loving chairs.


Solid mirror chromed steel, classically matched with soft wool fabric cushions.


Or leather. Or suede.


Group Eleganza around the dining or conference table.



Generous cushions in supple hide set in curves of gleaming chrome.


Kadia creates a mood of pure contentment, so relaxing, so restful at the end of the day.





Magnificent pillars of mirror chromed steel supporting pure, flat planes of smoky glass or natural wood.


Kadia reflects a way of thinking. A beautiful way of living


Pieff Lexicon tables in smoked glass with chrome stands

Lexicon Tables


A disciplined trio, upright and very distinguished in burnished brass and shining chrome.


Set off perfectly with matching bronze smoked glass.


Tables for dining. Tables for meeting. Tables for coffee.


Lexicon looks good on every occasion.



Low backed Delta. High backed Lisse, with or without arms.


They look good together, equally good on their own.


And they come in a range of coverings to suit your mood - woven velvets, supple leather or suede, and a host of striking wool mixture fabrics.

Pieff Lisse shelf units in rosewood or glass and chrome



Sleek lines of chrome and brass frame, smooth surfaces of rosewood,black or brown ash.


Or make it to the top with smoky glass.


Stack the shelves the way you want them.


On every level, Lisse looks a winner.

Pieff TT tables in rosewood and chrome

T.T. Tables


Style is a speciality of the house.


Lustrous chrome columns support straight or gently bowed table tops of black or brown ash or beautifully grained rosewood.


The choice is so tempting, maybe you should make room for all of them.

Pieff Taliim suite in dark brown suede



Sink into the feather-soft pampering cushions, covered in chocolate brown suede, sumptuous leather or sensuous woven velvets .


Whatever your taste, Talim is deliciously decadent.

The Pieff Collection reflects a certain lifestyle...


A privileged one we admit. But then, Pieff is very exclusive furniture. A fact which is recognised not just in Britain, but throughout the world. Examples of our work are to be found in Royal Palaces, foreign Government houses and embassies, luxury hotels from The States to the Seychelles and even in the House of Lords. Not to mention many private homes in a host of countries.


Our designs are as individual as the people who own them. And our originality can be seen in each addition to our collection.

Inspired ideas bring together exciting shapes, contrasting materials, textures and tones. The beautifully sculptured contours are naturally pleasing to the eye. Classically simple in concept, utterly modern in execution. The designer's imagination is matched only by the craftsman's consummate skill.


And to complement both, we ensure that everything that goes into making Pieff furniture is of the finest quality.  Our hides, both suede and leather, are chosen with painstaking care. And all our other materials, whether they're plush velvets or striking wool cloths are selected for their lasting beauty.


The pride our craftsmen take in handling these materials shows in every last stitch. It shows in the subtle curves of our chrome and brass. And wherever we use wood, you can be sure it's fashioned and worked with the utmost skill. Our obsession with quality is evident even in the glass we use. In its smoky depths. In its perfect smoothness. In its exquisitely finished edges.


The Pieff touch is unmistakable. Which is why it may surprise you to learn that not everybody is impressed with the Pieff Collection. But, of course, not everybody can afford to be.




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