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Over the past few years, there has been a growing interest in 1970s style and design, and in the Pieff portfolio as one of the leading furniture designers of this period.


This website captures a moment in time - around 1976 - when Pieff Furniture was at the height of its success.  We have reproduced the catalogue from that time, and hope you will find it interesting and useful as a reference resource.


We have also included a brief history of the company from its roots as a contract furniture manufacturer in 1953 to its closure in 1983.


The Pieff trademark and designs are now owned by P.F.Collections Limited of Long Eaton, Nottingham.  You can check out their products and contact them here: www.pieff-furniture.com


You can usually find original examples of Pieff furniture on Ebay and in specialist retro shops - we have links to some of them here.


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